Christmas gifts

Looks like I have some gaming to do!

  • Ghost Busters (The Video Game) [XBOX 360]  (Liza’s parents)
  • Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen [XBOX 360] (My Parents)
  • X-men origins : Wolverine – UNCAGED edition [XBOX 360] (My parents)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City [XBOX 360] (Liza)
  • Bioshock [XBOX 360] (My parents)
  • The elder scrolls IV: Oblivion [XBOX 360] (My parents)
  • Mario & Luigin – Bowser’s Inside Story [DS] (Liza’s parents)

(**Many thanks to all of them**)
And next week I’m buying Bayonetta. õ.ô

Oh and I have also got a Massage Candle and Potato Chip Bag clip from Liza’s Sister.

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