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Tracking user behaviour on your website

Tracking the behaviour of the users on your website can be useful for Search Engine Optimization and User Experience Optimization. In this tutorial I describe how you can get started with a simple piece of PHP and a MySQL query.

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Execute a PHP script using CRON

In response to this post, I’ve received the following email: “How can I execute a PHP page using CRON? I’m trying ‘php -q /path/script.php’ but it does nothing..“ Note: It’s very likely that your PHP binary is outside of the

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collectoid.net v0.3 half-way

The deadline is here, it seems like time has been flying by me. I’’ve made loads of progress on the collectoid.net project last month. I’’m looking forward to what the future has in store for this project. So many ideas,

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“New” Project

Time… Never enough time.

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