Raspberry Pi model B & Pibow Ninja Unboxing

The Raspberry Pi model B comes in a small bordeaux plastic box. It has 512 MB of RAM, two USB ports, a 10/100 Ethernet port, and a SD card slot. The energy usage is 700 mA (3,5Watt).

The Pibow Ninja comes in a cardboard box with the logo on the front, and instructions on how to ensemble it on the back. Inside the box you will find the 9 layers which will make up your case.

There are 4 nuts and bolts included, and a small tool to tighten them. These bolts will be used to keep the layers together. Every layer has a plastic protective film which you will need to remove before you get started.

Each layer is laser-cut, which gives them a nice finish.

We start by peeling the protective film off of the bottom layer. Note the ventilation holes. We add layer 1 and 2, and place the Raspberry Pi snugly into layer 2.

Now we carefully add layer upon layer until we get to the top layer.

Pick one corner and slide a bolt through the hole. The head of the bolt should be at the top of the case. Do the same for the remaining 3 corners and flip the case upside down. Get to screwing with the provided tool.

Once the nuts are tightened you’re all set to fire off your first Rasp Pi boot sequence.

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