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Raspberry Pi model B & Pibow Ninja Unboxing

The Raspberry Pi model B comes in a small bordeaux plastic box.
It has 512 MB of RAM, two USB ports, a 10/100 Ethernet port, and a SD card slot.
The energy usage is 700 mA (3,5Watt).
The Pibow Ninja comes in a cardboard box with the logo on the front, and instructions on how to ensemble it on the back.
Inside the box you will find the 9 layers which will make up your case.

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Add rows to “Most Popular Sites” tab

This post has been updated and the content has been confirmed to be working with both Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10. Automated: Download this reg script I wrote. Save it as ‘SomeName.reg’. If you want 4 rows, just

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Tracking user behaviour on your website

Tracking the behaviour of the users on your website can be useful for Search Engine Optimization and User Experience Optimization. In this tutorial I describe how you can get started with a simple piece of PHP and a MySQL query.

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Hello WordPress!

After countless encouragements and stories about positive experiences from Cédric and Schoonheidsinstituut Puur A (Frederik), I have decided to take WordPress for a spin. From now on I’ll be utilizing WP for my blogging activities.

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Metered BING Search API (Azure)

On the first of august 2012, Microsoft stopped returning results to all the “BING Search API v 2.0” requests. This was an intentional and announced change, which is a part of their migration to the new and metered “BING Search

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Execute a PHP script using CRON

In response to this post, I’ve received the following email: “How can I execute a PHP page using CRON? I’m trying ‘php -q /path/script.php’ but it does nothing..“ Note: It’s very likely that your PHP binary is outside of the

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Daily Full MySQL backup using cron

Today I bring to you a cron job that will save a well named gzip of your database dump every day at 4:00 (4am). Example output: “myDB_2012-01-29_04-00-01.sql.gz“ In this example, I’ll use a fictional host, path, login and password. When

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Observer Pattern in Java [Example]

Click an image to enlarge. Runnable Observable Class example: This is the class that is the core of our program. As we’re using it threaded, this class implements Runnable. Because we also want to know when it actually is running,

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As part of our Data Communication and Networking class, we had to create a Java based project that implements a protocol of choice. Thomas and me decided to create a web server based on the HTTP/1.1 RFC documents. After roughly

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Automated DynDNS update B-BOX 2

This small tutorial will teach you how you can make your Belgacom B-BOX 2 update your DynDNS ip without installing any additional software. Step 1: Go to: If you have changed the B-BOX2 ip, replace in the uri

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