Zeitgeist Movie Review

Has it been a week already since my last post? Oh snap.
These exams sure are not helping…
Well, here we go with a review!

My opinion on Zeitgeist:
A movie about the general feeling of this generation that may let you think twice before you just accept what you see or hear. 

I agree with the point the movie makes about people not criticizing the media enough.

The last few years the news and papers show assaults, murders, rapists,… every day, it doesn’t even shock us anymore.
It’s like they want to scare us somehow.
Fear is indeed a powerful tool.
It was not long ago that I came across a few articles about the recently voted US laws on the “war against terror” that made my eyebrows frown, to say the least.

All electronics can be taken from you when entering the USA, without you even being a suspect, without them being forced to at some time hand it back and on top of that, they can copy ALL data on your device WITHOUT any reason at all.

They can also just arrest you, without a need for a reason and if they wish to do so, they can torture you, deny you a lawyer, and so on…

You need to announce via the internet before you go to the States. (link)
All of this because you are “subject to enhanced security requirements.”.

These security requirements are all created, the need for them is created, and the safety they create, is fake.

As with any form of media, beware of possible BIAS and propaganda.

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