WoTLK Official Cinematic Intro review

————–[Spoilers, so don’t read if you rather don’t know yet]————–

CGI Quality: 8,5/10
Well it looks great, what more can I say.
They have really outdone themselves.
It looks realistic, and at the same time, characterizes the Blizzard/Warcraft style.

Story/Lore: 6,5/10
Sure, you hear his dad (the former King of Lordaeron) in Arthas mind.
There is a wicked twist to what his dad wanted him to become and what he is right now.
We get to see Sindragosa <The Frost Queen>.
Oh and the Scourge army, ready to fight…
That is super, oh wait, who will they fight?
Since the Alliance and Horde don’t really have a reason to adventure to Northrend in the first place, if there isn’t a real threat.
(TBC intro anyone?)

Sound/Music: 9/10
As always epic quality, what else did we expect?

Script: 5/10
Compared to the other intro movies Blizzard has presented us in the past, this is really lackluster.

Sure, the dark melancholic twist is one no one expected, and while it is great for plain storytelling, it isn’t really inviting players to start their adventure to fight off Arthas and his troops.

Where is the action ?
At the end, you see the Scourge army get ready.
Why not add every class/race combo into a small action filled scene.
Showing Alliance and Horde both fighting against each other and against the Scourge.
We’ll never know, I guess…

Overall: 7.25/10 (29/40)
Sure, it’s an intro of epic quality, but it lacks many things the fans were expecting to see.
Don’t let the high Total score fool you, I’m still very displeased about this intro.
In the end it is just Arthas getting his loyal followers ready, but why, if no one would come here if they weren’t getting ready?
Heck, they even could have added King Terenas Menethil II returning, but this time, as a Death Knight under Arthas’ command.
So many roads they could have taken with this intro,…

Let us hope that the expansion feels beter than this.

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